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Siberian Fir is Here!

This week we are focusing on our brand new Siberian Fir Essential Oil announced at the 2017 dōTERRA Global convention. This essential oil is replacing White Fir essential oil, but don’t worry. Siberian Fir is more potent and will bring more benefits to your health routine. The Siberian Fir tree is also plentiful. We distilled the essential oil from twigs and branches of the Siberian Fir trees native to Canada and Russia. So what can this oil really do for you?

This essential oil is actually better than White fir because it is more plentiful, so we can continue to have this essential oil for years to come. It is better for relaxation, cardiovascular health, cell support, cleansing, metabolism, respiratory, and immune support. Not only is it more powerful and will have a greater effect on you and your family, but you can use Siberian Fir topically, aromatically, and internally! How exciting is that?! Want to know more about this essential oil?

Check out dōTERRA’s spotlight for this oil on

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