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Invisible Illness

Illnesses are never fun to go through, especially alone. Invisible illnesses are even harder to work through without support from friends, family, or community members. That is why Tracy Strand, a dōTERRA Wellness Advocate, created a support group in her home town to help those struggling with illnesses of depression and chronic pain like she was. She worked with her church to create a safe space for these women in her community to cultivate faith and hope for these women living with their invisible illnesses. If you know someone struggling with these kinds of illnesses, reach out to them. Tell them you love them, offer to listen or to just be with them. Even the smallest acts of kindness could make a difference. You can read Tracy’s inspiring story here:

Personally, I used to think I never struggled with such things, then, life became really heavy and I was feeling super weighed down... feeling like I should not have anything to be less than happy about made me confused as to why it seemed the hardest thing to do, was to just simply be happy. The feeling persisted... I kept thinking if I just worked harder, if I just did more, if I could only excel faster then I would be happy again. But you know what my beauties, it wasn't until I slowed down, focused on my self care and began a specific oil regimen to help me balance my hormones and emotions did I finally experience relief and the dark heavy veil was lifted.

Take care of yourselves beauties, you matter so much!

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